Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Weak Trump: alliterative

Just for fun:
Adjectives: Pudgy, perverse, paltry, pandering, pusillanimous, paranoid, peevish, pitiful, pithless, pernicious, predatory, petty, puny pugnacious, pretentious, pompous.

Nouns: prick, pest.

Our very weak, slack-jawed, overweight President

Free advice for pundits, both Democrats and Trump-questioning Republicans (free, and worth every penny!)
Call Trump weak. Frequently and often. You might spice it up with other weak-related adjectives: slack-jawed, paunchy, thin-skinned, pathetic, bullying, pasty, thin-haired, out-of-shape, McDonald's-eating, craven, kowtowing, genuflecting, bowing, obsequious, toadying, sycophantic, brown-nosing...
Hey, you guys are the wordsmiths - use your imagination!

The point twofold:
First, simply get under Trump's skin by TELLING THE TRUTH about him.

Second, make him RESPOND to your insults. This has the positive benefit of keeping him from doing anything really seriously horrible.
He really doesn't like being called "weak."
Yes, you may suffer his Twitter attacks, but again - better this than he takes any serious policy action!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Trump/Putin... an imagined discourse

What went on in Trump/Putin tete-a-tete? Who knows. Here is my imagined discourse:
Putin: You asked us to hack into your opponent’s computers. We did so. If we were to admit this fact you would be in a world of hurt.

Maybe you should make nice with us… hmm?

How many of your campaign staff were on our payroll? Do you know?

Just asking. Maybe none… but can you be sure?
Again, maybe you ought to make nice with us… hmmm?

Trump: [silence]
This says nothing about the hundreds of millions of dollars Russia has loaned to Trump enterprises, or Eric Trump meeting with Russian surrogates to get dirt on Hillary. Nope, Putin has nothing on Trump in the way of blackmail. Trump is an honest fellow, only looking to Make America Great. We should be grateful to him