Monday, November 19, 2012


This is a really good time to not be blogging.

"Fiscal Cliff".
"GOP implodes".
... and, oh yeah, Benghazi "scandal".

Petraeus: men (I'm one) are idiots.

"Fiscal Cliff": hey, maybe Intel will actually pay 35% tax rate (as opposed to 24% reported for their 3rd fiscal quarter).

Syria: I view this as just one consequence of W's effort to "stabilize" the Mid-East by invading Iraq for no reason whatsoever. (Tho' I recognize there's more to it than just that)

Gaza: wish I had the answer... Not the time to vacation in Israel.

"GOP implodes": Yeah, right. There's always hand-wringing after a loss - usually to no effect.

Benghazi "scandal": Huh???

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