Thursday, September 19, 2013

The 40% solution

Speaker John Boehner has a problem - his House caucus. I believe I have a solution for him.
U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 5: "Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a member."
There are currently 200 Democratic Representatives, 233 Republican Representatives, and 2 unfilled seats in the House of Representatives; let's give those 2 seats to the GOP, for 235 GOP members. Speaker Boehner is intimidated by the so-called Tea Party faction within his party. I'm guessing that this faction represents, at most, 60% of the GOP caucus, leaving 40% more-or-less sane Republican Representatives.

40% of 235 is 94.

Together with the 200 Democratic Representatives, this provides a voting bloc of 294 - more than two-thirds of the 435 House members.
In fact, Speaker Boehner needs only 90 somewhat sane GOP Representatives to get two-thirds of 435 votes (=290).

With the Democratic House leadership, and the leaders of the more-or-less sane GOP House members, Speaker Boehner can draft a resolution expelling the troublesome members of his caucus.
Problem solved.

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