Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Branding: "the radical Christianist agenda"

"Far-right", "religious right", even "Christian right" have lost their punch, and their meaning.
What's needed is a good, catchy brand for the drivel currently being spewed by the GOP.
I propose, "the radical Christianist agenda".
- matches their "radical homosexual agenda"
- uses word-formation analogous to "Islamist"
- avoids tarring all Christians... just the Christianists

The elements of this radical Christianist agenda? A good start can be found in recent headlines from Think Progress:
In First Month Of Legislative Session, GOP Lawmakers In Five States Seek To Eliminate, Criminalize Abortion

GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy Says Being On Medicaid Is ‘Actually Worse’ Than Having No Insurance

Rep. Fred Upton On Global Warming: ‘I Do Not Accept That It Is Man-Made’

Tim Pawlenty Refuses To Say Whether Gays Should Be Allowed To Serve In The Military At All

Alabama State Senator Advises Politicians To ‘Empty The Clip’ To Stop Undocumented Immigrants

REPORT: At Least 13 States Have Introduced Bills Guarding Against Non-Existent Threat Of Sharia Law

GOP Rep. Rehberg: Federal Judges Should Be ‘On The Endangered Species List’
Subjecting all so-called scientific "truths" to Biblical exegesis (preferably based only on a literal reading the King James version of the Bible); extreme and violent xenophobia; extreme and violent homophobia; extreme and violent attitudes toward government - particularly towards the FEDERAL government; extreme and violent anti-feminism - outlawing any and all forms of contraception (after all, God has commanded us to "be fruitful and multiply", and God slew Onan!); and, of course, denying that any so-called 'religion' has a right to be called such if it's not a "Bible-based" Protestant sect that accepts the inerrancy of the KJV as God's Own Words.

... I probably ought add 'contempt for the poor', and 'worship of Mammon', but the list above is a decent start. (Feel free to add your own suggestions in comments!)

These are the positions and attitudes that characterize the radical Christianist agenda.


  1. Grady Nutt called them the "Chosen Frozen"
    Playboy had a contest to give them a name and came up with "Moral Mafia"
    They both seem to fit well.

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