Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just for fun: it's REALLY COLD!

This looks like a picture from the sci-fi movie The Day After Tomorrow... but it's a satellite photo of current massive winter storm over U.S.!

Currently in Albuquerque: 4°F.

I put the sweater on the dog before walking her today.

I turned off the pond pump - figuring keeping water OUT of the line would be a good thing (I'll learn if this was a good decision tomorrow).
The pond has a small 'donut' heater that keeps a bit of water (about one foot in diameter) open.
Last I checked - a coupla hours ago, when I unplugged the pump - the pond was frozen.

I'm guessing northern U.S. is a bit chillier.

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  1. Climate Change is real. One of the glaciers we saw melting in An Inconvenient Truth has been in my front yard since Tuesday.