Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2nd and 3rd careers

One of my loyal readers recently commented on a post:
You could have a second career in the entertainment business.
I responded:
I HAVE a second career in the entertainment business... it just doesn't pay!
Yesterday I got a request from a former colleague - an engineer - to add her to my LinkedIn network. I did, but this is pointless. My LinkedIn job title is "productive bum". Do folks not look at this before they ask to join my network? I've also received several recent LinkedIn "endorsements" for stuff like "structured problem solving" and "experimental design". Wow!... like I can do any of that anymore!

In addition to my career in the entertainment business, I also have a career as an "independent scholar": documenting Gilbert & Sullivan productions in America - mostly in the late 19th century, but also extending into the 20th century.
I'll be delivering a paper on "H.M.S. Pinafore & the California gubernatorial campaign of 1879" at a conference in November.
... and I'm giving a talk at Harvard in October on "The Mikado in America: Conflicts & Controversies".
(Nope - this 3rd career doesn't pay either.)

I continue to invest in retirement one lottery ticket at a time.


  1. It may not be lucrative, but I certainly enjoyed your videos on "Pinafore" in America. I consider myself well-versed in G&S scholarship, but that was all new to me.

  2. Thanks! ... there's still a part 3 of the Pinafore series in the works... and I've started on Mikado in America.