Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How come?

It's July - the middle of baseball season.
We get some half-dozen sports channels, including the MLB Network.

So how come there's never a LIVE baseball game on?
MLBN devotes its airtime to 'greatest games' of the past.
ESPN? - LOTS of 'World Series'... of poker! +lacrosse +soccer +NASCAR +NFL (??? - it's not even pre-season!)... and, recently, NBA 'greatest games'!... and LOTS of talking heads pontificating knowingly about... well - I can't tell you: I don't watch 'em.

Why no LIVE major-league baseball???

What I get is Fox's Saturday baseball telecast.
Seems to me this is less televised live baseball than I had as a kid, growing up with three (3) broadcast networks.

What's this country coming to???

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