Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just for fun

three (3) semi-related headlines:
Sadr bloc calls for early elections in Iraq
Arab observers aim to see Syria's deadliest city
Suicide bomber kills 7 outside Iraq ministry
Recall, a post hoc rationale for invading Iraq was to build a bright, shining democracy in Iraq - thereby introducing stability into the region.

WMD? - didn't quite pan out.
"Bright, shining democracy"? - didn't quite pan out.
Stability in the region? - didn't quite pan out.

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away: When my statistician & USMC bud was in Iraq (VERY loyal readers may recall that he participated in 'battle for Baghdad'), I asked what he'd guess for end-game. (We corresponded as regularly as possible during this time...)
His response: "Eventually we'll leave and all hell will break loose."... this prediction made in 2003 - eight (8) years ago!

On the bright side: we're out of Iraq... finally... minimally $800 BILLION later.

The less-than-bright-side: current Administration is blamed for our FAILURE in Iraq... not W and his cabal.

... and we leave the region with, well - let's see:
Iran stronger than ever.
Syria on the brink of civil war.
Good work, W!

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  1. “The events for which the Iraq war will be remembered probably have not yet happened.”

    -- Thomas E. Ricks
    The Gamble, February 2009