Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To my Republican readers

Disclaimer: OK - it's not at all clear that I have ANY Republican readers... but just in case!

First, I assume that all of my Republican readers are somewhat sane, and not members of the wing-nut extreme.
That said: Your party has deserted you!

The current GOP is quite serious in its threats to put the U.S. into default - just to throw a tantrum 'cuz they're not getting their own way.

If you're in the habit of sending $$$ to the NRC, or the NRCC, or the NRSC, might I suggest that your dollars would be better spent - for the good of your country - by sending 'em to American Red Cross, your own favorite charity, or your church/synagogue/mosque?

Don't throw your $$$ away on folks who are determined to crater both the U.S. and the global economy for petty political ends.

Stop the madness!


  1. no... we are all imperial, not republican's yes we can at all....et all

  2. jap's are going first in the bond market don't worry...

    be happy...

    goddamn no good for nothing japs