Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hmmm... I wonder... [update]

Lebanon's pro-Western majority declares victory

Ya think Obama's Cairo speech might have helped?
(... or maybe just that Obama's now in the White House - not his blustering, belligerent predecessor?)

[Update: I'm not the only one thinking these thoughts. Here's the HuffPost headline:
The Obama Effect? Pro-Western Majority Declares Victory Over Hezbollah In Lebanon
Note the framing: The Obama Effect is first - the eye-catching phrase!... and the explicit Victory Over Hezbollah is prominent. (Recall: Hezbollah is the axis-of-evil-Iranian-supported terrorist group.) THESE are the rhetorical devices we so-called progressives oughta be using FREQUENTLY!]

p.s. Why do I use the descriptor "so-called"? In today's political debate, I prefer to think of myself not as "progressive" but as "sane"!

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