Thursday, June 4, 2009

Old News

Headlines for Apr/May 2009:
Alcock and Brown Fly Atlantic Ocean

Jack Johnson Wins Championship Fight

Lord Grey Reforms British Government

Apple-Tree Grower Inspires Folklore
A Camping Trip with Johnny Appleseed
Old News is one of the three periodicals to which I subscribe. It's formatted as a newspaper (typically 12 pages), with short articles from history - from ancient times to WWII. Pictures (all black & white) accompany most articles - photos when available; etchings, woodcuts, paintings otherwise.

Published bimonthly (which in this context means every other month).
Subscription? $17/year (six issues); $33/2 yrs (12 issues).
Old News
3 W. Brandt Blvd
Landisville, PA 17538-9964
Now you know.

p.s. disambiguation: "bimonthly" in American English can mean either
every-other month;
twice a month.
The easiest disambiguation I've discovered is to adopt the British "fortnightly" for "twice-a-month", and to use "bimonthly" to mean "every-other-month"... Tho' "fortnightly" really means every fourteen days, which isn't the same as "twice a month".
Nevertheless, as stated, it's the cleanest disambiguation I've discovered.
Any other suggestions?

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