Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just curious

When I was in school there was a noticeable focus on Soviet Communism and the Cold War:
"duck & cover" drills in elementary school
(preparing for nuclear attack!)

neighbors building bomb shelters

high school history - AMERICAN history - included a multi-week segment on Soviet Communism... some classes were required to read J. Edgar's Masters of Deceit.
[Fortunately, my history teacher did NOT require us to read this!]
So I'm wondering...

Does today's public school curriculum include anything about Saudi Arabia (which controls our oil) or China (the up-and-coming economic power)?

Are Chinese and Arabic offered in high school? - or does 'foreign language' still mean only Spanish, French, and German?

Just asking.


  1. Where I lived in the 50s and 60s going to grade school(Lincoln Elementary-- Rapid City, South Dakota), there were days we couldn't go outside for recess or other activities because the fallout was so high from the US and Russian bomb testing. Too much radioactivity from the plumes coming out of Nevada and other places. As I remember that now, it makes me wonder how many of my generation died from cancers as a result of this testing.

  2. On languages that's the case. In history we focus on the contributions of women and minorities, just don't mention any president, inventor, or military leader that really mattered.