Friday, December 31, 2010

New Mexico in the news

Tail end of storms blast some Western states
By CATHERINE TSAI, Associated Press
31 Dec 2010
DENVER – Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico struggled against the tail end of storms New Year's Eve that left more westerly states recovering from a wintertime onslaught of snow, rain and bitter wind.
Major highways were also shut down in parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Nevada.

Forecasters were predicting more of the same in eastern parts of Wyoming and New Mexico.
New Mexico State police Thursday were discouraging drivers from traveling east of Albuquerque. An 80 mile stretch of Interstate 40 from Moriarty to Santa Rosa was closed for about five hours but reopened before midnight. Still, a temporary shelter is in place in Moriarty for stranded travelers.
Albuquerque got a few snow flurries.
Current temperature: 17°F.

... I'm thinking maybe tomorrow the dog needs to wear a sweater for her walk!

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  1. We got some flakes and then the sun came out. So much for the storm.