Thursday, December 9, 2010

Solely in the interest of preserving a presence...

Confession - said to be good for the soul -:
Since the recent election I've lost interest in politics.
... or, perhaps more accurately, I've despaired of politics.

For the next two years we will experience nothing but gridlock, or - worse still - our glorious leader (for whom I voted) will continually capitulate... before negotiations even start!

Loyal readers: anticipate, look forward to, enjoy - Tom Lehrer, Gilbert & Sullivan, H.L. Mencken...
... these are likely my brilliant contributions to contemporary political discourse.

Till then: thanks to you.


  1. The same thing happened to me. I've unsubscribed from nearly all my political RSS feeds and Twitter people and organizations. I realized that they were contributing to feeling depressed by it all. Since then, the levels of capitulation have only worsened, so much so that even with the extra layer of insulation, it's still getting through and reinforcing bad feelings. Thank you, also. I always enjoy your updates.

  2. Depression is an ugly thing. And I understand. All the things he ran on (Guantanamo, DADT, and on and on) seem but sand on the beach, getting covered by the tides of time and Republican obstruction.

    For you, my great good friend, let me point out a little peek behind the scenes.

    Perhaps there is more to this strategy than you know.

    Remember the one lesson of time. All things eventually pass.

  3. There may be gridlock in Washington, but not in the minds of the voters who will decide what happens next.

    That's where great bloggers like you come in.

    Don't give up hope.

  4. I fourth those sentiments. Besides, we can probably look forward to having Bill Clinton do most of the press conferences from here on out and he's always good listening.