Sunday, January 9, 2011

... and now it begins... (part 2: FB friends speak out)

Comments from FB friends:
SO Sarah Palin pulled her infamous "target" graphic off her FB page and her Twitter feed. I guess she retreated instead of reloading.

Presumably, today's events are an example of the "2nd Amendment Remedies" advocated by Sarah Palin and her teabagging henchmen. In a dazzling display of cowardice to stand by her own convictions, she has removed the "cross-hairs" graphic, in which she targeted Rep.Giffords, from her website. If, unlike Palin, you believe that words have meanings and actions have consequences, make that graphic your profile pic.

"We need to realize that the rhetoric, and the firing people up and for example, we’re on Sarah Palin’s ‘targeted’ list, but the thing is, the way she has it depicted, we’re in the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district. When people do that, they’ve got to realize that there are consequences to that action."
~ Rep. Giffords

Sarah Palin is putting photos with Bullseyes on Senators and Representitives that supported the Health Care Bill. this is Terrorist Behavior and should be treated as such. Send Sarah to Gitmo.
(this from FB Group, Arrest Sarah Palin Under the Patriot Act)

Thanks, tea partiers, for influencing stupid people to do stupid things.

‎75 year old Pima County Sheriff- spot on in his remarks about the violent rhetoric that encourages the type of violence that happened today in Arizona.
[Here's what Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said]:
"When the rhetoric about hatred, about mistrust of government, about paranoia about how government operates, and to try to try to inflame the public on a daily business, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it has an impact on people, especially who are unbalanced personalities to begin with."
What I don't get is conservatives saying there are crazy extremists on both sides. I don't see any liberal people in favor of equal rights for gay people, environmental responsibility, health care for poor people, and religious tolerance spreading their message and ideas using violent gun imagery and hate speak.

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