Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just for fun (part trois)...

I sent the pastor of St. Tim's Lutheran - in whose choir I sing - information about Judgment Day, and suggested this might provide material for a sermon.
In a postscript I noted that...
I will NOT be in church 22 May - attending college friend's gay wedding in Washington, DC.
... just to let you know: my non-presence is NOT due to me being 'raptured'.
Her response?
Good to know. Otherwise I might feel left behind.
Tho' a non-believer, I DO appreciate St. Tim's Lutheran - if only for the opportunity to sing choral music on a weekly basis.
BUT - there are other reasons: Pastor Pat has provided invaluable counseling to both my wife & me, helping us both deal with 8+ years of "living with cancer".

p.s. once-upon-a-time I inquired of a fellow choir member the attitude of St. Tim's toward gays. The answer? (paraphrased)
St. Timothy's is an accepting congregation, with many active gay members... BUT this issue is not at the top of anyone's list.
I was satisfied with this response.

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