Friday, January 14, 2011

The Pentagon's addiction to high-tech

F-35 looking more like white elephant
In addition to the issues noted in the article, the F-35 comes with a really cool, mandatory maintenance contract: when you buy the plane, you buy the entire logistics system needed to maintain the plane! (Sustainment, F-35 Lightning II)

If I were putting together specs for weapons systems, I'd include something along the lines of, "80% of parts must come from local AutoZone/Napa/Pep Boys/Radio Shack suppliers".

But - no.
If you buy an F-35 fighter, you are FORCED to buy the maintenance contract!
(Me? - I've never purchased a maintenance contract on any appliance in my life.)

Our addiction to high-tech weapons systems will...
- 1) bankrupt us
- 2) make us NO SAFER!

- Timothy McVeigh blew up OKC Federal Bldg with fertilizer & diesel fuel.
- al Qaeda toppled WTC with hijacked planes.
- the U.S.S. Cole was crippled with a rubber boat laden with conventional explosives.

Our enemies are NOT addicted to high-tech.
IED's are the story of the day... and the Taliban are winning!

Stop the madness!

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  1. The article I read has the Pentagon going bugfuck because the Chinese are getting ready to deploy a stealth fighter. India is developing their own fighter. This plane is like the Bradley troop carrier too much one size fits all. It'll still come down to the US taxpayers footing the R&D so the big corporations can then sell them to NATO and our other allies.
    What's next a submarine aircraft carrier?