Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best news of the day!

Geithner: Obama won't ask me to stay in a 2nd term
By MARTIN CRUTSINGER | Associated Press
25 Jan 2012
WASHINGTON (AP) — Timothy Geithner said Wednesday that he doesn't expect to serve a second term as Treasury secretary. He said he doesn't think President Barack Obama would ask him to remain if Obama won re-election.

Geithner had ONE job when he came into this position: present a PLAN.
He failed.
Instead, he went on TV a lot, and has since been silent.

It really wasn't that much to ask: you've got 2 months to put together a PLAN.
He didn't.
He never did.
The Peter Principle at work.
Bye-bye, Tim!

[just for grins: a self-referencing post - my letter to Obama]

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