Wednesday, January 4, 2012

... to the bitter end...

Yep - I stayed up watching Iowa caucus returns.
'Twas fun!

From my perspective, a clear win for Santorum: he came in 2nd by eight (8!) votes.
How much did Romney spend in Iowa? How much did Santorum spend?
I'd guess Santorum got a LOT more bang-for-the-buck!

aside: 'twas also fun watching the broadcast teams on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC getting just a little punch-drunk & slap-happy as the night wore on.

Me? I'm hoping Santorum's Iowa surprise generates LOTS of $$$ for him, that he takes Romney down a few points in New Hampshire, and that the GOP nominating process drags on FOREVER!
'Twas a delight to see Newt pretty much promise that he'll do everything in his power to demolish Mitt. (Mitt's the potential nominee I fear the most...)

If nothing else, the GOP Family Feud oughta give Obama's campaign TONS of great video to use during the general election.

Tonight?... prob'ly a little bit of New Hampshire, and a lot of college football!


  1. If you haven't gotten around to making that contribution to Bachmann it's too late now. You can still contribute to Ron Paul but he accepts only gold.

  2. i'm very disappointed with bachmann's exit...