Monday, March 12, 2012

A Carol Burnett show skit with pedagogical value

A riddle from old 'Carol Burnett show' skit... with
pedagogical value:
A hunter walks due south from his camp for one mile. He then walks due east for one mile, where he shoots a bear.
He then returns to camp by walking due north a mile.

What color was the bear?
In the 'Carol Burnett Show' skit, Carol launched into tirade centered on, 'What color was the bear?'!!!...
... BUT: there is a mathematical point to this riddle.
The key is that 3rd bit of info: 'He then returns to camp by walking due north one mile'.

Hint: Pythagorean Theorem is true only in Euclidean plane geometry... not on the surface of the earth (spherical geometry).


  1. Okay, I feel stupid. I had to get someone to explain it to me. I won't spoil it for other readers, but... that's a good one.

    I like riddles, even if I am terrible at them.

  2. as stated: "with pedagogical value"