Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two emails

Background: NM's long-serving Dem Senator, Jeff Bingaman, announced his retirement a few months ago, creating a nice little Senatorial power vacuum.

Second-term NM1 Congressman Martin Heinrich and New Mexico native Hector Balderas both jumped into the ring as Dems seeking to replace Senator Bingaman.

I don't pretend to understand NM Dem politics, or the rather arcane and confusing hurdles confronting the candidates... BUT - today there was a "Democratic pre-Primary Convention."

I've received emails from both Heinrich and Balderas:
[Heinrich] We won!
I wanted you to be the first to know that it was just announced that we won the Democratic Pre-Primary Convention thanks to our strong grassroots support!

I wanted you to hear it from me first-- we had a phenomenal showing tonight at the New Mexico State Democratic convention.

We defied everyone’s expectations-- winning 45% of the delegate totals, despite being significantly outraised and outspent, providing a huge “boost to [our] underdog campaign,” as NM Telegraph put it. We far surpassed the twenty percent threshold needed to secure a spot on the June primary ballot—and we did it with a mostly volunteer, grassroots organization.
Full disclosure: I support Heinrich.

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  1. I was there and voted for Heinreich. It was pretty much split between Bernalillo county for H and the rest of the state for B.