Monday, March 19, 2012

News with a personal touch

Dozens arrested at Occupy's 6-month anniversary rally
I was in LA on Saturday, walking up Main Street towards El Pueblo (LA's "Old Town") with some friends.

Suddenly police cars with sirens blaring passed us, headed for what appeared to be a small group about 1/2 block away. We all thought it was a mugging or some such.

Nope - 'twas an "Occupy" demonstration, with perhaps 60-80 folks in attendance, all of them demonstrating peacefully.
I counted 19 police cars.
Four people were arrested... for no reason that we could discern.
Seemed a bit of an over-reaction to a small, peaceful demonstration.

Here's a pic (police cars visible; "rioters" not):


  1. You must not understand - the Empire was in danger!

  2. Thanks Russ for not making me take a test to comment.