Monday, December 7, 2015

A wholly solipsistic post, or, "What's the point?"

... or, "Why bother?"

Private Buffoon is not a well-read, mainstream political blog. (Really?)
On a good day, one of my posts will garner perhaps 30 readers.
So, why do I do it?

1) Catharsis. It makes me feel better to vent my frustration with the current state of politics in what I continue to view as MY COUNTRY!
Having an outlet to express my reasoned rage is good for my mental health.

2) ... on a more grandiose level:
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
(attributed to Edmund Burke... but the attribution is controversial.)
Though an agnostic, I find it helps to understand the world if I at least pretend to believe in Good, Evil, and Luck.
I'd just as soon confront Evil.

3) Related to both #s 1&2 above: DOING something seems compulsory.
What can I DO?
Precious little.
I've not the $$$ to truly influence events, so I make due with the currency that is readily available:
I write.
I write this blog.
I write letters - to my Congressional delegation, to the President, to CNN, to ABC News (2 such just mailed today!).
... AND... I try to convince other like-minded folks - those at-best-30 or so who read Private Buffoon - to do the same.

What can I do?
Perhaps not much, but I can at least try.

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