Friday, December 4, 2015

Demented, delusional, or simply in denial?

David Brooks in today's New York Times:
No, Donald Trump Won’t Win
Somewhat bizarrely, he starts by talking about buying a rug.
The pink one really stood out, and he liked it a lot on first glance...
... but then he decided the blue one would be easier to live with.

He then suggested that Donald Trump is the current "pink rug" of the GOP "likely primary voter".

This may have been a nice homey analogy... IF he'd been able to suggest a plausible "blue rug" alternative.
But - no.
In fact, Brooks doesn't even TRY to suggest a plausible alternative.
The best he can do is to suggest that
When campaigns enter that final month, voters tend to gravitate toward the person who seems most orderly. As the primary season advances, voters’ tolerance for risk declines. They focus on the potential downsides of each contender and wonder, Could this person make things even worse?

When this mental shift happens, I suspect Trump will slide.

Where's the blue rug?

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