Tuesday, December 22, 2015

We finally watched the Democratic debate

My wife & I don't like watching commercials, so we almost always record the shows we want to watch, allowing us to watch 'em at our leisure & skip past the folks sharing their medical problems with us ("moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis") to sell us something.
We followed this protocol for the Democratic debate, watching it at our leisure on Sunday.

Two things struck us:
thing 1: This was CIVIL discourse. No personal, ad hominem attacks.
thing 2: We could in good conscience vote for ANY of these folks!

I particularly like Bernie Sanders's summation:
... it's time for closing statements
... and let me applaud my colleagues up here. Because I think frankly, maybe I'm wrong, but on our worst day, I think we have a lot more to offer the American people than the right wing's extremists.

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