Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sometimes I forget...

... there's more to life than politics.
Donald Trump is fun, and scary.
... BUT: there's more.

I'm reminded of this today
I had lunch with a long-time friend who professes to be completely apolitical...
... and, in fact, the lunch conversation was free of politics.

Then again, one of my long-time correspondents, a former statistics colleague, is the most conservative person I know.
We somehow manage to engage in civil discourse on... well, politics, religion, family, the state of the world...
... all without coming to blows.
(Did I mention that this correspondent is a USMC reservist who's been deployed to Iraq & Afghanistan MANY times since 9/11? ... and he's still alive!)

LIFE is not co-extensive with politics & religion.
Sometimes it may feel that way, but really ... no.

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