Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back on the campaign trail

On Friday I sent notes to both Finance & Field, suggesting I'd been far too inactive, and inquiring of work opportunities. Field responded with promise of data-base work.

... so I showed up at the office today.
Tyler - one of the young Field coordinators - was busy with a doorknob, trying to repair it.
He offered phone-banking.
I declined. (The Madrid campaign soured me on phone-banking... )
He offered me handy-man job: repairing doorknob.
Well, okay. "What tools are available?" - he held up a Swiss Army knife.
I laughed. "I'll be back in 10 minutes."
Re-appeared with selection of screw-drivers, pliers, and a hammer.
Quick study revealed I also needed an Allen wrench... back home to fetch one.

With tools in hand, proceeded to work on the knob.
Got the knob off with Allen wrench... now, how to get shield off?
Much deliberation, and several 'brute force' attempts later... Ah! - it unscrews!

End result: doorknob successfully disassembled and then re-assembled in working order.

... flushed with sense of achievement I then got to do some database work!

Tomorrow?... with any luck, just database work!

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