Thursday, August 12, 2010


This blog generally avoids gay issues...
... there are a LOT of blogs advocating for gay rights.

My interests are more economic, domestic (health insurance) and foreign (war) policy.

BUT: Every once in a while, well - I just think, "What's the problem?"

I served in U.S. Army 1975-1978. Did I serve with gay comrades?
No idea - more than likely, 'yes'.
Assuming 'yes' - did it matter in the least little bit?

For 20+ years I was employed by large, multinational company that SPONSORED internal LBGT organization. Did I work with these folks?
Did sexual orientation EVER come into play during work?

... (as it turns out, the company's local LBGT group gave me a very nice plaque for supporting LBGT issues... but that was based on out-of-work activities).

Looking back on high school, there were probably more than a few folks with whom I was friends who were GAY! (... this supposition has been recently confirmed as a result of 40th reunion communications)

College, Army, grad school, work... were any of my colleagues gay?
Almost certainly, in each of these.
Did it make a difference? Did I care? Did it impact my performance, or my relationships?

What's the big deal???

An organization to which I owe a LOT, ToastMasters, adopted a resolution in the '90s of the last century stating that sexual orientation was NOT to be considered for membership. I note that ToastMasters is a very conservative organization - its members are Rotarians, Kiwanis, Elks... folks who JOIN... but want to improve their public-speaking skills.

Recent DoD survey is/was just stupid.
If you'd polled white Southerners in 1961, asking, "Would you feel comfortable serving niggers?" - the overwhelming response would've been, "NO!... not just NO but HELL NO!!!".
Ten years later, blacks were sitting at every lunch counter in Alabama.

BEHAVIOR - and officially sanctioned behavior - is all that matters.
If the powers-that-be declare DADT is dead, it's dead.
No need for polls... and, in fact, polls will just confirm existing prejudice!
Change behavior & you change attitude.
Homophobia?... well, yeah, there'll still be Bible-beating 'Christians' out there decrying the abomination of homosexuality... but these folks will be perfectly happy to eat shrimp! ["Anything living in the water that does not have fins and scales is to be detestable to you." Leviticus 11:12]

Sexual orientation?
I've encountered NO circumstances in my life (close to 58 years) in which this particular issue has arisen in a meaningful way.
Have any of you had different experience???

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