Thursday, August 12, 2010

if $$$ are cheap...

The Fed - as in Federal Reserve - has pretty much exhausted its resources.

Yeah - it's really cheap to borrow these days.
BUT - who's rushing to the bank to borrow?
Businesses - big & small - are hoarding cash.
Why expand when there's no demand for your product or service?

The national debt?
Folks are now rushing to buy U.S. Treasury notes at record-low interest rates!!!
The U.S., with record-low interest rates, is being denominated as the best bet in town!

Tell me again: why can't we spend Government $$$ to increase employment?

Stop the madness!!!


  1. Why not? Because the Republicans, having spent like drunken Shriners at a convention for 8 years, are suddenly discovering a "deficit" and using it as a talking point to continue blocking progress. And you have complicit Blue Dogs like Ben Nelson obediently trotting behind.