Monday, April 2, 2012


Just in case any GOPer tells you gas prices are today at record highs:
Nope, they're not - the record high was under W's administration!
[Note: price started going up just as soon as we invaded Iraq! - yep, this is a REAL cause-effect relationship!... but none of the war-mongering GOPers today seem to care.]

Price of oil?Same story. Fairly steady till W's invasion of Iraq. Record? About $140/bbl.

... and do any of the GOPers ever wonder if their strident militancy towards Iran might just have something to do with price of crude on the up-swing???

Just for grins: Obama's inauguration brought prices WAY down, really fast.
... 'Tis been GOP's threats against Iran, and insistence on punishing Iran since then that's caused oil & gas to steadily increase!

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