Thursday, April 12, 2012

I really DO need a maid!

Now you can order a topless maid just like a pizza
By Taylor Bigler - The Daily Caller
11 April 2012
If you’ve ever asked your significant other to clean in the buff and you were rebuffed — and you happen to live in Texas — think about calling Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service.

For $100 per hour, Melissa Borrett, who started the company in February, will clean your house in lingerie or completely topless. For $50 more, you can order two topless maids at the same time.
... I'm single (in a relationship, but we don't live together). I've 5 cats and a dog. The 'house-cleaning' bit is something I don't do well.
A topless maid, for just $100/hour?
Sure, why not?

I'm pretty sure the animals will appreciate it... I mean, just having a clean house!

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