Monday, April 2, 2012

This I like!

Illinois sheriff introduces jail chess program
DON BABWIN | Associated Press
2 Apr 2012
CHICAGO (AP) — Call it the Sheriff's Gambit.

A sheriff in Illinois is turning to kings, queens and rooks to help teach inmates at his jail not to behave like pawns.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart launched a chess program at the county jail in Chicago. The law enforcement officer, known for making unusual moves in the name of justice, hopes inmates can take what they learn from a game that rewards patience and problem-solving and apply it to their own lives.


  1. Remember the chess tournament when you stayed up all night long studying the Closed Sicillian, out played your opponent in the opening, and then got sleepy and lost late in the game?

  2. yep, i do!... sigh.
    ... and, as i recall, my opponent made a couple of really stupid moves in the opening, of which i did NOT take advantage.