Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A call to action - write your Senators!

Okay, writing letters to your Senators might not do much except make you feel better... but there's nothing wrong with feeling better!

Me? I just Sens Dodd & Feingold, and my two Senators, Bingaman & Domenici, email stating my distress regarding the so-called "compromise" on telecom immunity included in the House version of revised FISA legislation.

I cited the 4th Amendment, and included my "wishful thinking" Federal Court opinion.

Dodd & Feingold are pretty much guaranteed to vote against the so-called compromise, so you'll just be preaching to the choir - but it can't hurt to let 'em know they've got support!

Domenici is hopeless, and I don't expect my opinion to sway him - but again, just letting him know my opinion, as one of his constituents, is a pretty painless "feel good" activity.

I'm betting that Bingaman is already set to vote against the so-called "compromise", but if he needs any nudging, a letter/email or two can't hurt.

Have fun.

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