Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our shame (continued)

Documents confirm U.S. hid detainees from Red Cross
By Warren P. Strobel | McClatchy Newspapers
17 June 2008
WASHINGTON — The U.S. military hid the locations of suspected terrorist detainees and concealed harsh treatment to avoid the scrutiny of the International Committee of the Red Cross, according to documents that a Senate committee released Tuesday.

If someone could explain to me how W's policies distinguish the U.S. from your run-of-the-mill totalitarian regime, I'd appreciate it!

Hiding detainees in our custody from the Red Cross???
How low can we go?

... former Navy general counsel Alberto J. Mora, who fought a private battle within the Pentagon to maintain longstanding interrogation rules, writes that "our Nation's policy decision to use so-called 'harsh' interrogation techniques during the War on Terror was a mistake of massive proportions. . . . This interrogation policy -- which may aptly be labeled a 'policy of cruelty' -- violated our founding values, our constitutional system and the fabric of our laws, our over-arching foreign policy interests, and our national security."
And he [Mora] says the cost has been paid in American lives: "[T]here are serving U.S. flag-rank officers who maintain that the first and second identifiable causes of U.S. combat deaths in Iraq -- as judged by their effectiveness in recruiting insurgent fighters into combat -- are, respectively the symbols of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo."

[Torture's Bad Seeds, The Washington Post, 17 June 2008. Emphasis added.]
Again, what has become of my country?

Stop the madness!

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