Saturday, June 21, 2008

An object-lesson for Congressional Dems

Defying U.S., EU scraps Cuba sanctions
By Ingrid Melander and David Brunnstrom
Thu Jun 19, 2998
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union states agreed on Thursday to scrap sanctions against Cuba in a move aimed at encouraging democratic reforms on the Communist island, officials said.

The lifting, agreed despite U.S. calls for the world to remain tough on Havana, will pave the way for a new dialogue with Cuba but come with calls that it address human rights concerns and free political prisoners.

[Emphasis added]

You see - it is possible to defy the U.S. and survive! Perhaps Congressional Dems ought try something similar: defy W!... What do they fear?

The issue at hand: I've never really understood how Nixon could open relations with China, and how subsequent Administrations have strengthened our economic ties to China - the largest Communist country in the world, not known for its human rights record... but little Cuba is too much a threat to the U.S. for us to consider even tentative steps towards engagement. Is Florida - with its large expat Cuban population - the only explanation? Is it impossible to win a national election if you even suggest normalizing relations with Cuba?

Meanwhile, our fearless Dems continue to cave to W on fundamental Constitutional issues. Sigh.

Stop the madness!

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