Friday, July 11, 2008

... and the latest poll says...

Advice to all - voters, candidates, interested observers, innocent by-standers:
The only poll that counts will be held Tuesday, 4 Nov 2008.
Yeah, it can be fun to follow the "horse race" - but it's very early yet.

Neither major party has yet held its convention.

4 Nov is just under 4 months away.

A lot can happen in 4 months. (My bet: watch for significant Halloween event!)

It ain't too hard to figure out my political preferences... BUT: I encourage all to
1. Register to vote.
2. VOTE!

One of the very cool things about the Presidential Primaries was the turn-out - on both sides. The lackadaisical American electorate seems to be engaging with politics this year.

Note: I do NOT believe that politics is the end-all/be-all of existence. Most of us are doing what we can to live the best lives possible, raise our kids, provide for our families... have fun with our friends. I just think it's cool that so many of my fellow citizens have decided that part of living the best life possible means getting to the voting booth this year!

Sing a song.

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