Monday, July 7, 2008

Our shame (continued)

U.S. soldier may be able to seek asylum
OTTAWA, July 5 (UPI) -- A Canadian federal judge has decided Canada's refugee board made a mistake when it rejected a U.S. soldier's request for asylum.

Justice Robert Barnes said the Immigration and Refugee Board was incorrect when it decided Joshua Key was unable to seek asylum in Canada because the military actions he was dodging weren't extreme enough to be considered war crimes.

The Friday ruling may pave the way for other American deserters who try to claim refugee status in Canada, The Globe and Mail in Toronto reported.

The judge said evading military orders that are "contrary to the basic rules or norms of human conduct" is a substantial reason to seek asylum.

[emphasis added]

Cool! A Canadian court has effectively ruled that the U.S. has committed war crimes... or at least, that the claim has merit!

How long will it take us - you, me, and our country - to recover from W?

I've been watching a History Channel International series on American Presidents. The worst that could be said of Grant - close to the bottom of the list - is that his appointed cronies enriched themselves. I believe the same is true of Harding - another low-ranking President. Nixon? Well, he did what he could to subvert domestic politics.

Where to start?
Raping the Bill of Rights.
Promoting torture.
Flat out rejecting international law & the Geneva Conventions.

Stop the madness!

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