Monday, July 21, 2008

been away for a while...

... but am now catching up on latest Iraq discussion. Seems Maliki gave an interview to German Der Spiegel in which he promoted Obama's troop-withdrawal notions... then W's minions leaned on him & he more-or-less retracted the comments (some bit about mistranslation)... then, well, maybe, no - the comments were accurate. W's minions are interpreting this in terms of "Iraqi politics", which they apparently disdain.

Let's see. W and his minions have pretty much given up on getting a SOFA in place before W departs - the Iraqi's were intransigent. To the extent that public opinion polling in Iraq is even slightly trustworthy (not a very great extent, admittedly), the Iraqis really don't care for a continued U.S. occupation of their country. When Iraq's leader (and our nominal puppet) dares assert this position, W and his minions pooh-pooh him - how dare he reflect the wishes of his Iraqi constituents!

All things considered, this seems to be a plus for Obama.

... on the other hand, I'm doing my level best to avoid paying any attention to the presidential campaign. I'm immersing myself in New Mexico's First Congressional District!

Have a nice day!


  1. I too have paid no attention to it and you're better off helping someone who is hopefully progressive get elected. If anything really really big happens you will know.

  2. In the past (pre-W) I really enjoyed presidential election years. I'd follow the campaigns diligently, and frequently found myself loathing both candidates by the time Nov rolled around... compelling me to pull the lever for some meaningless 3rd-party candidate.

    Since W came along I no longer feel I have the right to vote for meaningless 3rd-party person. My only hope is to avoid presidential election politics/campaign, bite my tongue in Nov, and pull lever for major-party-candidate-who-isn't-Republican.

    This is not fun.