Thursday, July 31, 2008

on the campaign trail...

Today I finished updating donor records for calls made in early June. I started this task last Friday.

When I turned in the last 6 pages of call sheets, I was informed that I'd be getting a spreadsheet with more records to update.

I'm not complaining. In a weird sort of way, this work is peaceful. I'm comfortable with the database, & updating records is pretty mindless. Finding missing zip codes is a piece of cake: USPS maintains a handy-dandy "zip code directory."

The minutiae associated with running a campaign - and i'm just seeing a very limited slice of it - is amazing! i'm not naturally an "attention to detail" kind o' guy... but it's not particularly difficult to get into the mode.

tomorrow? i signed up to help with a mailing.
the downside? whenver i see envelopes going out from the campaign, the only thing i really see is returned mail that needs to be fixed - addresses updated, or, if that's not possible, records marked, "omit mail."

on the bright side: i'm not aimlessly wandering the streets...

have a nice day.

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