Thursday, July 17, 2008

tickled pink

When I made my brief, obligatory appearance at the Heinrich campaign Tuesday, the Finance folks were simply giddy.
Heinrich's Fundraising Skyrockets – Raises over $500,000 in Six Weeks
Press Release | July 15, 2008
New Mexico's 1st District Democrat has best fundraising period of campaign – trounces Bush-backed opponent

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Democrat Martin Heinrich's congressional campaign continues to rapidly gain momentum as his fundraising skyrocketed in the most recent financial reporting period. Heinrich raised $510,571 from over 1,200 contributors in just six short weeks, besting former Bush-Cheney Campaign Chair Darren White's fundraising efforts for the past three months.
If money be the food of love, raise on!

The press release is a fun read from a rhetorical perspective: lots of insinuating value-laden words and phrases.

On the bright side, it includes the single strongest argument to vote Dem:
"What we've got here is a choice between the George Bush-Darren White team and their disastrous legacy or the fresh pragmatic thinking that Martin Heinrich brings to the table," said Heinrich Campaign Manager Jon Blair.
What makes this really fun is that White is running on the slogan, "Bring real change to Washington."... Note: he solicited W's help!

Have a nice day.

[Note re: "brief, obligatory appearance". Yes, I am volunteering many hours on the Heinrich campaign... but almost all my hours are spent at home, on my personal computer system. I'm physically not much present at campaign headquarters. If ya wanna find me, gimme a call at home!]

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