Friday, July 11, 2008

guilty as charged

In comment below "anonymous" notes that I know nothing about IRS arrears collection.

When my depth of "knowledge" is represented by having seen tax-farming ads on TV, it's really hard to dispute the charge!

Defending my ignorance, I'll say that my interest is less in IRS arrears collection than in the proliferation of prime-time tax-farming ads (at least, prime-time on cable stations). When the commercials state explicitly, "If you owe the IRS $10,000 or more...", it's hard for me to accept that the target audience is not, in fact, folks who owe more than $10k.

The next bunch of ads I'd expect to see would be for "foreclosure relief": save your credit rating by avoiding foreclosure! Call today.

Yes - my expectation is based on my loathing of W. I seize upon anything that can be presented as an indictment of his "governance"... and, yes, this leads to uninformed ranting.

But! Thanks, "anonymous", for a well-presented comment!
(Please, don't hesitate to slam me again! I suspect most of my posts are similarly uninformed rants. Honestly having to defend a position might chasten me!)

Maybe next time I'll do my homework before ranting... but don't bet on it.

Sing a song!

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