Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Any chance this guy has Obama's ear?

Tonight on Rachel Maddow, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell proposed a response to Brown's MA victory:
"If we're going to go down, let's go down fighting for something."
He went on to propose either of two strategies for health care reform:
1) Piecemeal it - one little bill at time. Dare Republicans & conservative Dems to vote FOR denying coverage for pre-existing conditions & FOR allowing insurers to drop policy-holders who get sick.
[Gov. Rendell makes the case that Big Insurance will come begging for universal coverage if these little bills were to pass - getting everyone insured would be the only way they could survive financially!]
2) Go for the whole enchilada. Noting that it really does take only 51 votes to pass a bill, DARE the Republicans and conservative Dems to truly filibuster a real health care reform bill. "Go ahead - filibuster!" - and let the country watch 'em!

Here's the YouTube.

This guy seems to have a bit more political savvy than our President.
Any chance he's got our President's ear?

TPM publishes a note from an anonymous Senate staffer, which includes these words of wisdom:
I believe President Clinton provided some crucial insight when he said, "people would rather be with someone who is strong and wrong than weak and right." It's not that people are uninterested in who's right or wrong, it's that people will only follow leaders who seem to actually believe in what they are doing. Democrats have missed this essential fact.
Seems this guy & Gov. Rendell are on the same page.

... and no, I don't think the Dem's position is wrong! - I'm just wishing they'd stand up for it!
If - and I think it's a big IF - If Dems are to go down to spectacular, fiery defeat in 2010, let's at least go down fighting for something!

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