Friday, January 22, 2010

My note to Chris Matthews

You can do this too:
Subject: "You're pandering to the netroots right now."
Mr. Matthews:
To whom would you have Congressman Grayson (D-FL) pander?
To the professional political pundits - like yourself? Paid propagandists?

As I've written before, the so-called "netroots" care deeply about our country.
We are patriotic Americans who devote our time, energy, and money to making the United States of America the place it claims to be.
We are generally not paid for our efforts - unlike the well-paid political pundits you represent.
Rather, we impoverish ourselves out of genuine concern for our country.
We volunteer on political campaigns. We write letters. We blog (yes - that too!).
Many of us have served in our military. (Me? U.S. Army, 1975-1981; honorable discharge.)

Again: to whom would you prefer Congressman Grayson pander?

Once again, you disparage the so-called "netroots" without ever bothering to meet us.


p.s. You get paid to speak, daily - to the entire country. Perhaps you could learn standard English grammar.
"What can you do different?"
- "different" is an adjective.
Here are two suggestions:
"What can you do differently?"
"What can you do that's different?"
Either one of these would get you an A in high school English.
Okay, the postscript was just being nasty... but who the hell is Chris Matthews to continually disparage the so-called "netroots"???

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