Thursday, January 21, 2010

Now, Mr. President, will you fire Tim Geithner?

From Salon:
Tim Geithner is a sore loser
Thursday, Jan 21, 2010
Andrew Leonard
The Treasury secretary has "reservations" about Obama's bank reform plan. Maybe he should think about a new job
The question of who is running the White House economic policy shop has been answered: It sure isn't Tim Geithner, the Treasury secretary.

Citing anonymous sources, Reuters is reporting that Geithner has "reservations" about President Obama's "Wall Street crackdown."
Geithner is concerned that the proposed limits on big banks' trading and size could impact U.S. firms' global competitiveness, the sources said, speaking anonymously because Geithner has not spoken publicly about his reservations.

He also has concerns that the limits do not necessarily get at the heart of the problems and excesses that fueled the recent financial meltdown, the sources said.
So much for "disagree and commit."

Mr. President, you've been more than loyal to Mr. Geithner.
He seems to have no interest in returning that loyalty.

Please, fire Geithner.

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  1. He's talking real tough about dem dere banks but if anyone thinks there's going to be much of a change you are fucking nuts. We are so screwed.