Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm shocked!

From HuffPost:
Geithner On Move Your Money: Not A Good Idea (VIDEO)
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner does not think that Move Your Money is a good idea.

Geithner addressed the campaign against too-big-to-fail banks during a recent interview with Politico. While Geithner said he understood the anger against bailed out banks and said that it was fair for bank customers to expect more, he did not explain why he thought that it was a bad idea.
Hmm... Geithner "did not explain why he thought that it was a bad idea." If he's got a reason other than, "'Cuz I love & am beholden to too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks", I for one would like to hear it!

For those prior-service folks among my loyal readers, here's a recommendation from one of your fellows:

Loyal reader adds: USAA's got most of my money. 30 year, 5% fixed rate mortgage is local due to building incentives. If USAA goes down, I'm screwed. I just hope that all the retired flag officers who run the place aren't too greedy, considering their six figure military retirements aren't hostage to Wall Street.
Oh... and he provides the following additional info:
USAA continues to thrive and grow even stronger, and it is thanks to you, our loyal members.
During this difficult economic cycle, our members have trusted us and brought even more of their business to USAA.

Our property and casualy insurance group continues to retain the highest ratings for financial strength from Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and A.M. Best. No other property and casualty insurer can say the same.

We are glad to be able to share this success with you by putting money back in your pocket with this year’s Subscriber’s Account distribution. This distribution is a benefit of your membership, and it’s on of the things that make USAA different from other financial services companies.
Serving all who honorably served
Now, more than ever, military families deserve access to the financial solutions that USAA has to offer, along with our legendary service. In the coming year, we hope that you will turn to us, if you haven’t already, for all your financial services needs and encourage others to do the same. Enabled by USAA’s financial strength, we are extending membership to anyone who has ever honorably served in the U.S. Armed Forces, regardless of when they served. If you know someone who may be eligible, please share USAA and let them know the benefits of membership.

We are honored to serve you and thank you for your membership. If you have questions, please call a member service representative at 1-800-495-5957 or refer to Contact Us on
[emphasis added]

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