Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I am in complete agreement!

From HuffPost
Chaotic 2012 News Coverage Not Doing Voters Many Favors
Sadly, the link has a different headline:
GOP Primary Show: Non-Stop News And Noise In The Age Of Twitter
... While reporters and political insiders absorb the primary show frame-by-frame, such granularity may be obscuring larger truths or trends. A January Pew study found "many voters unaware of basic facts about GOP candidates." For instance, only about half of those surveyed knew Romney had been the governor of Massachusetts. Less than half knew Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) wants U.S. troops out of Afghanistan.

The study suggests that there's a real disconnect between those following the up-to-the-millisecond campaign conversation and the rest of the country, which is less focused on the rush of details and more concerned about the struggling economy and their livelihoods.
I much prefer "A Tale Told by an Idiot" as descriptive of the product of political reporting during this campaign. Again (and I'll say it again): Is it too much to ask of the media that they report substantive issues, not only "horse race"?

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