Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Latest GOP target: The Girl Scouts!

Lawmaker: 'Radical' Girl Scouts out to destroy 'American family values'
By NBC News and msnbc.com staff
21 Feb 2012
There's an agenda behind those cookies the Girl Scouts sell, one bent on promoting communism, lesbianism and subverting "traditional American family values," according to an Indiana lawmaker.

That's the reason Rep. Bob Morris, a Republican representing Fort Wayne, insists he won't go along with a resolution meant to honor the Girls Scouts on the organization's 100th anniversary.
These guys have fallen off the deep end! The Girl Scouts???

Back in the good old days (pre-St. Reagan), the John Birch Society saw communists and subversives under every rock, on every street corner, in every government office.
Looks like today's GOP is resurrecting that glorious heritage!

Go for it!!!

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