Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The pundits among us

Santorum's sweep has the pundits apoplectic!
The world is coming to an end!!!

Among my favorites:
[These two are from the same article]
- "Gingrich is toast"
- "Geography is trumping history"
I find it amusing that folks now count Gingrich out of the picture, while at the same time acknowledging that Geography is important: uh, Newt did pretty well in South Carolina, and is expected to do well in remaining southern states.
Me? I'm not counting Newt out! - if nothing else, he'll continue to snipe at Romney at every opportunity, and, who knows, maybe pick up some delegates in Georgia & Tennessee.

More brilliant punditry: Santorum still faces uphill race in Michigan, state Republican chairman says... this based on Romney's Michigan heritage: dad George was Governor.
Well, maybe... but Mr. Santorum seems to be doing pretty well in "middle America" - his Iowa & Minnesota message may resonate... and he's a dogged campaigner.
(... and Mr. Romney's dad may have been Governor, but Romney fils was governor of MA - that evil nest of liberals!... AND: Mitt has gone on the record that he'd have let Detroit's auto industry go bankrupt, in the name of pure, unbridled capitalism!)

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