Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Asymmetric warfare

Nope - this isn't about warriors armed with pick-up trucks & 50-caliber machine guns defeating The Strongest Military in the World.

It's about two unrelated arguments that frustrate me.

The first: Me vs the good Christian Believer.
If the good Christian Believer is right - and I'm wrong - then when he dies, he meets God, gets welcomed into heaven, spends eternity in bliss.
... AND I am damned to Hell for eternity.
On the other hand, if I am right - when he & I die, well - nothing much happens. We just cease to exist.
No bright light, just... something very hard to imagine - nothing!
If he's right, he can gloat.
If I'm right, I can't.
Pisses me off.

Next up: Climate Change.
The current bunch of climate change deniers in the GOP won't live long enough to see the disastrous effects of the their failures to act.
They can go right along citing all the horrible things that sensible regulations on carbon WILL do to DESTROY the VERY FABRIC of AMERICA...
... and in the end have to pay no price for their stupidity & cupidity.
Pisses me off.

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