Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Who are small business owners?

I think I've remarked in the past that Melissa & I are "job creators".
Most of the work around the house we hire out.
"To whom?", you ask.

We have a young woman clean the house every two weeks. She is married, with three school-age kids.
She lives for her kids.
If one of them is sick, she cancels her appointment with us.
Last week she got a call from her son's school - the principal needed to talk with her. She needed to postpone her appointment with us - no problem. (Turns out, it was good news - her son is performing beyond his grade level and they want to advance him a year.)
Every once in a while she shows up with a helper, but usually she works alone.
She is a small business owner.

To handle the sprinkler system, we employ a fellow with his own small company.
He employs maybe five full-time employees.
They do great work, and I've been calling him for several years.
His dog died of cancer last year.
He was heart-broken.

Whenever I need brick work done, there's one guy I call.
His company has a name, but he's just one guy.
He likes attending musical theater.

THESE are "small business owners" in Albuquerque.
They work hard, but they don't create thousands of jobs.
They get by.
We have at least semi-personal relationships with each of 'em - they share their problems with us, and we ours with them (to an extent).
We're delighted to be able to help support 'em.

Are these the entrepreneurs the GOP candidates are talking about?
If so, it sure doesn't sound like any of the GOP's policies do anything to help 'em!

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